Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Checklist: 06/09/11

Checklist 06/09/11

New reviews added this week in red.


ONE STAR: Moveable Feast: MCNY: July 10: review
ONE STAR: Night Vision: Met: September 18: review
ONE STAR: After the Gold Rush: Met: January 2: review


ONE STAR: Herb Ritts: Edwynn Houk: June 25: review
TWO STARS: Henry Wessel: Pace/MacGill: July 8: review
ONE STAR: Japan Today: Amador: August 19: review


TWO STARS: Louise Lawler: Metro Pictures: June 11: review
ONE STAR: Carter Mull: Taxter & Spengemann: June 11: review
TWO STARS: John Divola: Wallspace: June 18: review
ONE STAR: Barry Frydlender: Andrea Meislin: June 18: review
ONE STAR: Robert Mapplethorpe: Sean Kelly: June 18: review
ONE STAR: Vision is Elastic: Murray Guy: June 18: review
ONE STAR: Ori Gersht: CRG: June 24: review
ONE STAR: Gillian Wearing: Tanya Bonakdar: June 24: review
ONE STAR: Cao Fei: Lombard-Freid: June 25: review
ONE STAR: Florian Maier-Aichen: 303: June 25: review
ONE STAR: Roe Ethridge: Andrew Kreps: July 2: review
ONE STAR: Jo Ratcliffe: Walther Collection: July 15: review

SoHo/Lower East Side/Downtown

No current reviews.

Elsewhere Nearby

ONE STAR: Sam Taylor-Wood: Brooklyn Museum: August 14: review
TWO STARS: Lorna Simpson: Brooklyn Museum: August 21: review


Anonymous said...

I believe the Tillmans show has been down for some time...?

dlkcollection said...

You're right. I thought the Tillmans show was running in parallel with the other shows at the gallery that are closing on 6/11, but apparently not. I've removed the link from the Checklist, and thanks for catching the mistake.