Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Checklist: 1/24/13

Current New York Photography Shows
New reviews added this week in red.
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ONE STAR: Letha Wilson: Higher Pictures: January 26: review
TWO STARS: Faking It: Met: January 27: review
ONE STAR: After Photoshop: Met: May 27: review


ONE STAR: New Photography 2012: MoMA: February 4: review
ONE STAR: Sissi Farassat: Edwynn Houk: February 16: review
ONE STAR: Philip Trager: NY Public Library: February 17: review
TWO STARS: The Shaping of New Visions: MoMA: April 21: review


ONE STAR: Thomas Barrow: Derek Eller: February 9: review
ONE STAR: Diana Cooper: Postmasters: February 9: review
ONE STAR: Niko Luoma: Bryce Wolkowitz: February 16: review
ONE STAR: Distance and Desire, Part II: Walther Collection: March 9: review

SoHo/Lower East Side/Downtown

TWO STARS: Mary Ellen Mark: Janet Borden: January 26: review

Elsewhere Nearby

No reviews at this time.

Forward Auction Calendar
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