Monday, May 13, 2013

Photography in the 2013 Frieze New York Art Fair, Part 3 of 5

Part 1 of this five-part Frieze report can be found here. Start there for introductory background and explanatory notes.

Alfonso Artiaco (here): Darren Almond, $38000. A densely layered, fluttering mass of Tibetan prayer flags.

Mitchel-Innes & Nash (here): Catherine Opie, $50000. This work seems to point to more narrative in Opie's newest portraits. The sisters from Rodarte are her models, with sewn blood and a whisper coming out of the deep darkness.

Marc Foxx (here): Anne Collier, $28000. This front and back diptych of a postcard of a Turkana girl with a camera ("Say cheese before I click") is one of the strongest works I have seen in Collier's ongoing examination of found photographic ephemera. It's kitchy and head-shakingly dated, which is why it is so successful when seen through her rigorously conceptual eyes.

Yvon Lambert (here): Douglas Gordon, individually $2500 to $12000. A salon hanging jumble of textural still life images.

Dvir Gallery (here): Ariel Schlesingler, €10000. The external protective glass on this work is broken to echo the broken glass in the underlying photograph.

Laura Bartlett Gallery (here): Simon Dybbroe Møller, €11000. Five layers of still life electronics, wired together into one witty three dimensional pile.

Taro Nasu (here): Jonathan Monk, €2400. Araki's bondage nudes with the body parts removed, leaving drooping kimonos and empty ropes.

Galleria Raffaella Cortese (here): Barbara Bloom, $15000. Not only is this down-the-hallway photograph optically compelling, check out the wild, three color telescoped mat used to reinforce the color progression.

Jack Hanley Gallery (here): Torbjorn Rødland, $4000. Quirky microphone antics in the scrubby forest.

Goodman Gallery (here): Candice Breitz, $5500 each. In these stills, the artist has inserted herself into a South African soap opera, an oddly out of place white presence among black actors. There is a sense of deliberate randomness here, of being unrelated to the story going on around her, that makes the contrived situations all the more unsettled.

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