Monday, June 24, 2013

Auctions: Post-War and Contemporary Art Evening and Day Auctions, June 25 and 26, 2013 @Christie's London

As the heat descends on New York, the auction action moves to London, where Christie's starts off a pre-summer Contemporary Art run with its Post-War and Contemporary Art Evening and Day sales later this week. Photography-wise, it's a pretty thin offering, with not much to distract collectors from the warm weather. Overall, there are 22 photography lots available across the two sales, with a Total High Estimate for photography of £1068000.

Here's the statistical breakdown:

Total Low Lots (high estimate up to and including £5000): 1
Total Low Estimate (sum of high estimates of Low lots): £5000

Total Mid Lots (high estimate between £5000 and £25000): 14
Total Mid Estimate: £218000

Total High Lots (high estimate above £25000): 7
Total High Estimate: £845000

The top lot by High estimate is lot 21, Barbara Kruger, Untitled (Our prices are insane!), 1997, at £200000-300000. (Image at right, top, via Christie's.)

Here is the very short list of photographers who are represented by two or more lots in the two sales (with the number of lots in parentheses):

Barbara Kruger (3)
Hiroshi Sugimoto (2)

Other lots of interest include lot 247, Matthew Day Jackson, Me, Dead at 35, 2009, at £18000-22000 (image at right, middle) and lot 348, Edward Burtynsky, Oil Spill No. 4, Oil Skimming Boat, Near Ground Zero, Gulf of Mexico, 2010, at £12000-18000 (image at right, bottom, both via Christie's.)

The complete lot by lot catalogs can be found here (Evening) and here (Day).

Post-War and Contemporary Art Evening Auction
June 25th

Post-War and Contemporary Art Day Auction
June 26th

8 King Street, St. James's
London SW1Y 6QT

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