Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Auction: Photographie, June 8, 2009 @Van Ham

Next week in Cologne, the German photography season continues with a wide ranging sale at Van Ham. Most of the lots are in the lower priced range, the vast majority estimated under 2000€, so there may indeed be some bargains to be had here. There are a total of 376 lots on offer, with a total High estimate of 526750€. (Catalog cover at right.)

Here's the breakdown:

Total Low lots (high estimate 7500€ or lower): 370
Total Low estimate (sum of high estimates of Low lots): 456750€

Total Mid lots (high estimate between 7500€ and 35000€): 6
Total Mid estimate: 70000€

Total High lots (high estimate over 35000€): 0
Total High estimate: NA

For our collection, we liked the following:
  • Lot 538 Max Baur, Chrysanthemen, 1930s
  • Lot 635 John Havinden, Steinzeugrohre, 1930s
  • Lot 642 Heinz Held, Empire State Building, 1960s
  • Lot 674 Peter Keetman, VW-Werk, 1953 (image at right)
  • Lot 755 Albert Renger-Patzsch, Der zehnstockige ROGO-Turm, 1936
  • Lot 774 Tata Ronkholz, Autoplatz Hurth Bonnstr. 379a, 1984
  • Lot 854 Ludwig Windstosser, Pintsch Bamag, Gas, 1950s
The lot by lot catalog can be found here.

June 8

Schönhauser Straße 10-16
50968 Köln

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