Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summer Programming Note

Now that summer is in full swing, the photographic art world goes into a deep slumber for the most part. This poses a bit of a problem for those of us who need a steady fix of thought provoking photography to get through the sweltering days.

So what will we write about this summer? Well, there are no auctions to cover, so that entire genre of reporting is out (much to the relief of some of you I'm sure). Long time readers here will remember that I have a pet peeve about summer group shows (see The Curse of the Summer Group Show from 2009, here), so while I will likely begrudgingly review one or two out of sheer desperation, most will not merit your attention (or deserve even one star), and thus will not get reviewed here. There will of course be a few regular solo gallery shows that slip through the cracks, and we'll try to catch these, as well as any other unexpected standouts as appropriate. I have purposely "warehoused" a few of the big museum shows that you might have been wondering about, so that I can cover them later when the sun is the hottest and I am most in need of something to write about. Don't worry, I'll get to them all, the gratification will just be a bit delayed.

To pick up the slack, there will be many more book reviews (I've already got a big stack ready and waiting, but am always in need of recommendations), as well as few more acerbic opinion pieces, essays and other more random photo-related inclusions. If there are topics or photographers (especially those who will not show in New York any time soon) that you think need covering, please shoot me an email with a tip. Otherwise, ratchet your expectations back to roughly one post per day while the sun is beating down, with a fair number of sizzling days where I will maddeningly leave you empty handed with nothing at all.

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rcp said...

Might I suggest an online exhibit during the summer slowdown?